Til Death Do Us Part

When you fall in love over Puppet Master, you should probably get married. A weekly horror discussion between husband (Patrick) and wife (Katie).

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    Episode 18: Podcastraiser

    We delve into the world of Turkish horror and break down Baskin, while taking a look at the trailers for Bye Bye Man and Lights Out.

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    Episode 17: Podcastbound

    After a brief hiatus, we return to lament the return of Hellraiser, and discuss the anthology film Southbound.

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    Episode 16: The Witching Hour

    We discuss whether the much hyped The Witch is as good as It Follows, Babadook, and horror's other instant classics the last few years.

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    Episode 15: Halloween In February

    A lull in new horror movies prompts us to look towards the past, in celebration of John Carpenter's 1978 classic.

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    Episode 13: No More Teenagers

    The Forest is a bad movie. Movie theaters on a Friday night are a bad idea. This podcast is, hopefully, slightly better.

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    Episode 11: Gag Gifts

    We discuss the twists, turns, twists, turns, and twists from one of this year's biggest surprises, The Gift.

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    Episode 10: Silent Night, Deadly Night

    We discuss the bizarre announcement of The Strangers 2 before drooling all over Michael Dougherty's latest contribution to holiday horror, Krampus.

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    Episode 09: Worst Thankskilling Ever

    We discuss our regret at even trying to watch 45 minutes of Thankskilling 3 before mulling the last (two!) disappointing episodes of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bummers all around.

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