Til Death Do Us Part

When you fall in love over Puppet Master, you should probably get married and have a kid. A not-so-weekly horror discussion between husband (Patrick) and wife (Katie).

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    Episode 23: Hereditary

    Patrick and Katie return from the foggy mist of parenting to muse on the debut horror film from Ari Aster, Hereditary, which may be strongest directorial debut for a horror director since The Babadook.

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    Episode 22: The Ritual

    We're back! Again! But Netflix's The Ritual, the new and shockingly good movie from Southbound director David Bruckner that basically functions as a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, gave us plenty to talk about.

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    Episode 21: The Podcast Paradox (feat: Cloverfield)

    Patrick and Katie return from a four month podcasting slumber, awakened, like the ol' Clovie monster himself, by the release of The Cloverfield Paradox after the Super Bowl. We talk through the older Cloverfield movies, why we're fascinated by them, and how the latest one, while great on paper, misses the mark.

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    Episode 20: Shocktober 2017!

    We're back! Being parents hasn't kept us away from horror movies, but it has kept us away from talking about them. As part of celebrating Shocktober 2017, though, Patrick and Katie have reconvened to discuss IT, Gerald's Game, Killing Ground, and put together our list of 31 horror movies for 2017. Warning: We now talk about all movies with spoilers on. You've been warned!

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    Episode 19: Into The Woods

    Patrick and Katie return from the grave to briefly discuss The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out, before obsessively break down the new Blair Witch movie.

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    Episode 18: Podcastraiser

    We delve into the world of Turkish horror and break down Baskin, while taking a look at the trailers for Bye Bye Man and Lights Out.

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    Episode 17: Podcastbound

    After a brief hiatus, we return to lament the return of Hellraiser, and discuss the anthology film Southbound.

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    Episode 16: The Witching Hour

    We discuss whether the much hyped The Witch is as good as It Follows, Babadook, and horror's other instant classics the last few years.

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    Episode 15: Halloween In February

    A lull in new horror movies prompts us to look towards the past, in celebration of John Carpenter's 1978 classic.

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    Episode 13: No More Teenagers

    The Forest is a bad movie. Movie theaters on a Friday night are a bad idea. This podcast is, hopefully, slightly better.

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    Episode 11: Gag Gifts

    We discuss the twists, turns, twists, turns, and twists from one of this year's biggest surprises, The Gift.

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    Episode 10: Silent Night, Deadly Night

    We discuss the bizarre announcement of The Strangers 2 before drooling all over Michael Dougherty's latest contribution to holiday horror, Krampus.

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    Episode 09: Worst Thankskilling Ever

    We discuss our regret at even trying to watch 45 minutes of Thankskilling 3 before mulling the last (two!) disappointing episodes of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bummers all around.

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    Episode 08: No More Chocolate

    After Katie throws a tantrum over the lack of candy, we dig into the latest news about Alien: Covenant. Then, we cover the latest Ash vs. Evil Dead, The Hallow, and The Final Girls.

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    Episode 07: Back From The Dead

    Upon returning from sunny San Francisco, we discuss the second episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead and the passing of a horror legend. Our movies this week are Magic and The Lazarus Effect.

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    Episode 06: Klepek vs. Evil Dead

    We leverage the Necronomicon to change the podcast release schedule, and discuss the first episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead. New episodes will drop on Mondays, though next week will be delayed, due to travel.

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    Episode 05: Cumberbutt

    As Shocktober 2015 nears its end, we get sidetracked by butt shots as we discuss Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Crimson Peak, and Insidious: Chapter Three.

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    Episode 04: Roman Creeplanski

    We talk through the latest updates on Friday the 13th and The Ring sequels, before discussing Contracted: Phase Two, The Tenant, and the awful Poltergeist remake.

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    Episode 03: M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong

    As Shocktober rolls on, the director of The Sixth Sense breaks his streak of terrible films with The Visit, Patrick breaks his Jacob's Ladder cherry, and we discuss the month's biggest surprise, We Are Still Here. Note: Spoiler chat happen at the end of the podcast.

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    Episode 02: A Podcast Walks Home Alone at Night

    Our marriage hasn't fallen apart yet, so we're back to discuss the fall of Paranormal Activity, Natalie Dormer's horror debut, and three movies: Cooties, Westworld, and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

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    Episode 01: Shocktober 2015

    Our debut episode discusses how we fell in love with horror and the first two movies on this year's Shocktober list: Goodnight Mommy and Unfriended.

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